Your question: Can you have multiple captions on Instagram?

Currently, you can only add one caption per post, including a multiple-image post. However, there are creative ways to work around this and tell a story with text, images, and videos. … Using this method you can gauge engagement and test how many images you should use in a multiple-image post.

How do you put multiple captions on Instagram?

In Instagram, tap the plus sign (+), then tap the Select Multiple icon. Tap the photos you want to include in your post (up to 10). Tap the arrow icon. Select filters for each photo or apply the same filter to all photos.

How do you add a caption to a picture on Instagram?

To add, edit or delete a caption:

  1. Tap (iPhone) or (Android) above your photo or video.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Edit, delete or add a caption to your post, then tap Done (iPhone) or (Android).

How do you write long captions on Instagram?

Our Tips for Writing Long Instagram Captions

  1. Have Important Information At The Top. …
  2. Break Up The Text. …
  3. Include a Call-to-Action. …
  4. Try Writing As if You’re Talking. …
  5. Encourage Engagement or a Response. …
  6. Emojis Show Personality.

Can you caption individual photos on Instagram?

To remove a photo or video from your post, tap and hold one, then drag it to . When you’re done, tap Next (iPhone) or (Android) in the top right. You can add one location and caption for your entire post, and tag someone in each individual photo.

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How do you post 3 pictures on Instagram?

PhotoSplit is the most popular app to split your photos to the grid and post them directly to Instagram. PhotoSplit lets you slice any photo into a 1×2, 1×3, 2×3, 3×3 & 4×3 grid while keeping it in high resolution. It then quickly lets you post the split images to Instagram to show it as one big photo on your profile.

How do you post a combined post on Instagram?

How to post the same post on two different Instagram profiles?

  1. Upload a post to Instagram.
  2. Press “Tag people”
  3. “Invite Collaborator”
  4. Type the username of the other person / brand.
  5. Post.
  6. The post will appear on your profile grid.
  7. The other person will receive a notification that they have been tagged.

What is alt text in Instagram?

Automatic alt text uses object recognition technology to provide a visual description of photos for people with visual impairments. You can replace this text to provide a better description of a photo. Keep in mind that this description will only be read if someone is using a screen reader to access Instagram.