Quick Answer: Can I create an Instagram story in Creator Studio?

You can publish, schedule, draft and edit Instagram posts from your computer using Creator Studio.

Can you post stories in Creator Studio?

You’ve been able to schedule feed and IGTV posts using Creator Studio, but this is the first time you can do so with Stories. Finally, businesses will also be able to edit scheduled posts.

Can Creator Studio be used for Instagram?

As Facebook also announced, creator studio now supports Instagram as well as Facebook. It has more ways for creators to: Monetize and manage their accounts. Monitoring Instagram accounts.

Why can’t I post to Instagram from creator studio?

At this moment, it is not possible to make any changes to your post from within Creator Studio’s environment. Once your posts go live, you can do so via the app. You cannot publish Instagram stories. At this moment, scheduling and publishing stories isn’t possible.

How do I post from Creator Studio to Instagram?

To upload and post content to Instagram Feed from Creator Studio: Click Create Post. Click Instagram Feed. If you have more than 1 Instagram account connected, select the account you want to post to.

Post to Instagram Feed

  1. Select on the bottom of your photo.
  2. Adjust the photo.
  3. Select Save.
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Can I use Creator Studio for Instagram without Facebook?

Connect your Instagram account to Creator Studio without a Facebook Page. To manage your Instagram content that’s not connected to your Facebook Page and get insights from your desktop: Go to Creator Studio. Click located next to at the top of your screen.

What’s the difference between Creator Studio and Business Suite?

Both Business Suite and Creator Studio allow you to create and schedule posts for Instagram and Facebook. Business Suite also allows you to create and schedule Stories for both Facebook and Instagram. Creator Studio only allows you to create and schedule Stories for Facebook.

How do I post on Creator Studio?

You can use Creator Studio to upload, compose and post all your Facebook content.

Option 3: Upload Video

  1. Select Upload Video.
  2. Choose to upload a Single Video, Multiple Videos or Post Video Across Pages.
  3. Select your video file(s).
  4. Choose where you want to post the video(s).
  5. Add your video details. …
  6. Select Publish.