Question: How can I write Urdu in Facebook on PC?

How can I type Urdu in Facebook?

How to Use: Install the easy urdu Urdu typing Keyboard. Enable it in settings with Urdu keyboard. Open easy Urdu typing keyboard and write English words will be change into Urdu.

How can I use Urdu keyboard in PC?

Firstly, you have to download and install the Urdu language keyboard in Windows 10. Open Windows 10 settings app and click on Time & Language option. Click on language and then click on Add a preferred language to install Urdu keyboard. Open MS word and change the default language to Urdu from the Menu bar.

Which software is best for Urdu typing?

Lipikaar : Urdu Typing Software for Windows

  • Lipikaar is a typing method which allows users to type in Urdu using a regular English keyboard.
  • Create Word documents, Presentations, Excel Sheets or write e-mails in Urdu.
  • No fluency in English is required. Lipikaar encourages users to think in Urdu.

How can I add Urdu to my laptop?

Click on Start menu and select Settings. Click on Time and language; Click on Region and Language. Under Language click on Add language. Choose the language from the list and click on it.

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How can I write Urdu on English keyboard?

In which software (e.g. MS Word) you want to write Urdu, press left Alt+Shift on keyboard, so you will be able to type Urdu in this software. To return English press same Alt+shift, besides keyboard shortcut (Alt+Shift) you can select Urdu or English mode by clicking on language bar on taskbar.

How can I change my Urdu phonetic keyboard in Windows 10?

Go to language page, select the language and then click the options button to go to language options page. Add the keyboard by clicking the + icon and then select the type of keyboard.

How can I convert Urdu word to English?

In your document, highlight the text you want to translate. Select Review > Translate > Translate Selection. Select your language to see the translation. Select Insert.

How can I add Urdu keyboard?


  1. Go to Android Settings >> Language and Keyboard >> Enable the Lipikaar Keyboard.
  2. Open you desired application, for example, New SMS Message.
  3. Keep your finger pressed in the typing area.
  4. From the options, select “Input Method”.
  5. Now select the Lipikaar Keyboard from the list.

How can I type Urdu?

Urdu Typing Rules

  1. 1:- Turn the writing direction “right to left” by pressing the right “Ctrl+Shift” where ever you want to write Urdu.
  2. 2:- Please chose any proper Urdu font like “Jameel Noori Nastaleeq”. …
  3. 3:- The rules for giving “Space” in “Urdu” are much like the rules for English.

How can I write Urdu in MS Word in Windows 7?

Writing Urdu in MS word 2007

  1. Go to control panel.
  2. A list of options will appear on your screen. …
  3. Click on Keyboard and Languages.
  4. Now click on change Keyboard option.
  5. Now, click on add and select the option of the Urdu language.
  6. After that, click on OK.
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How can I write Urdu in WhatsApp?

If you’re using an Android phone, you might have the option to change WhatsApp’s language from within the app.

Option available in supported countries

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap More options > Settings > Chats > App Language.
  3. Select the language you want.