How do I pull data from Twitter?

How do I extract data from Twitter to Excel?

To export your Twitter data into Excel you need to follow these steps:

  1. Mouse over on the “Export” option.
  2. There clic on “Excel” and the process of requesting the XLS file will start.
  3. Wait until the report is generated and you will be able to save it. This can take up to 1 minute if the report is big.

How do I extract Twitter data from API?

To do so:

  1. Navigate to your app dashboard.
  2. Select the app you’ve enabled with the Tweets and users preview, then click Details.
  3. Select the Keys and tokens tab.
  4. In the Consumer API Keys section, copy the values for API Key into consumer_key and API Secret Key into consumer_secret .

How do you scrape videos on Twitter?

You’ll need to use the Twitter website to copy the direct link to the tweet that contains the video you want to save, then paste it into the text field on either site, then click download. All you need is the link to the Tweet with the video. SaveTweetVid will then ask you to pick from three different quality options.

What is Tweet Beaver?

TweetBeaver gathers the data you need quickly, simply and easily. Most Twitter tools are designed to help you manage your own social media presence, while others offer only a high level view. … TweetBeaver can gather data on any non-private account and returns most searches as a csv for easier filtering and analysis.

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How do I download Twitter data for research?

The good news is that there are tools that make it infinitely easier, and that you can take advantage of to archive your own Twitter data.

  1. Twitter’s official archive download. The easiest route to go is always going to be Twitter itself. …
  2. BirdSong Analytics. …
  3. Cyfe. …
  4. NodeXL. …
  5. TWChat. …
  6. Using Twitter archives.

How do I scrape Twitter without API?

Scrape tweets without using the API

  1. Set up the scraper. If you don’t already have them, make sure to install the required repositories: $ pip3 install scrapy $ pip3 install pymongo. …
  2. Run the scraper. …
  3. Parsing the scrape results.