Can you delete comments on Facebook business page?

To do this, view the comment that someone added on one of your Facebook posts, then mouse over their comment, and an “X” will appear in the upper right of their comment. Click on that “X,” and you’ll see the option to delete the comment.

How do I deal with negative comments on my Facebook business page?

How To Deal With Negative Comments On Your Facebook Page

  1. Acknowledge comments. The first thing you have to do with negative comments is acknowledge them. …
  2. Apologise when an apology is necessary. You then need to apologise as quick as possible if an apology is necessary. …
  3. Deal with the matter offline.

How do I manage comments on my Facebook business page?

Currently there is no way to moderate comments on Facebook business page’s. This means any comment posted will be visible, there is no way of keeping a comment private until you view it and approve it.

Why can’t I delete posts on my Facebook business page?

You must be logged in as an “Admin” to hide or delete posts. If you do not want your customer base to read a particular post, hide the post when deletion is not an option. After the post has been removed from your Timeline, send out an email to your Facebook customer base with an explanation of the error.

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Can admins delete comments on Facebook?

If you’re an admin, you can delete anyone’s post. But notifying the users that their posts’ been deleted would create chaos in group.

Should you delete negative comments on Facebook?

Step 1: Don’t delete the comment.

If you delete their comment, it could just upset them further. That can lead to additional comments, negative reviews, etc. However, if they posted something vulgar, threatening, or trolling, feel free to delete the comment.

Should you delete negative comments on social media?

Deleting comments

Never, ever delete negative comments. It’s unlikely to make the person go away, and it may just incentivize them to post more. Negative social media contact isn’t something you can erase. Some guides recommend asking posters to remove their comments after you’ve solved the situation.

How do I delete a comment on my Facebook page?

Here’s how. Go to the offending comment and hover your cursor over it. Next to the comment, you’ll almost always see a little X. Click the X and then Delete to remove it from your post.

How do you delete messages on business Suite?

From Chats, tap and hold the conversation you want to delete. Tap then tap Delete. from the business, which will block the business from sending you more messages in the future.

Why can’t I delete comments on Facebook?

You can only delete posts that you have made. If the “Delete” option doesn’t appear, then you are trying to delete someone else’s post, which is not possible.