Can I access my Facebook account through messenger?

If you have a Facebook account, Messenger is part of it. The only thing you may need to install is the Messenger mobile app, which you can get from your devices AppStore. Once you install it and go to login, you’ll be asked to use your Facebook credentials.

Can I see my Facebook password from Messenger?

You can’t. As others have mentioned, your Facebook page and Facebook Messenger are the same account.

How can I recover my FB account? on mobile browsers is in the process of being updated.

To recover an old account:

  1. Go to the profile of the account you’d like to recover.
  2. Tap More below the cover photo, then select Find Support or Report Profile.
  3. Choose Something Else, then tap Submit.
  4. Tap Recover this account and follow the steps.

Is your Facebook login the same as Messenger?

Your Messenger password is the same as your Facebook password. If you forgot your password, learn how to reset your password. Keep in mind that you can also remove accounts you’ve added, but at least one account must remain active.

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Can I Find My Facebook account by name?

You can search for your account by name, email address, or phone number. Follow the on-screen steps to reset the password for your account.

Where can I find Messenger ID?

Congratulations, you have Enabled your Facebook Messenger for your customers!

First login to your Facebook Page and retrieve your Facebook Page ID:

  1. From the Page tab, click on either “About” or “Info” from the left panel.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, and you will find your “Page ID”
  3. Copy your Numeric Facebook Page ID.

How can I open my old Facebook account without password and email?

You may be able to get back into your Facebook account by using an alternate email or mobile phone number listed on your account. Using a computer or mobile phone that you have previously used to log into your Facebook account, go to and follow the instructions.

Why I cant open my Facebook account?

If you’re having trouble logging into your Facebook account from your Facebook app:

  • Make sure that you have the latest version of the Facebook app, or delete the app and then reinstall it.
  • Try logging in from a mobile browser (example: Safari, Chrome).

How can I recover my old Facebook account without a phone number?

How to Recover Facebook Account without Phone Number?

  1. Visit the Facebook website and click on the Forgot account tab.
  2. You will get an email or number as a recovery option.
  3. To go ahead, click on no longer have access to these.
  4. The next available option is to give a friend’s number.
  5. Input a friend’s number to continue.
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How do I merge my Facebook account with Messenger?

Here is how to switch to another account on Messenger:

  1. Open the Messenger app on your phone.
  2. Now from Chats, tap on your profile picture in the top left.
  3. Scroll down and tap Switch Account.
  4. Then tap on the account you want to use.
  5. Finally, enter your password if required and tap on OK.

When I click on Messenger does it switch to my account?

Disable Chat Head

Disabling them seems to fix the abrupt switch account screen. To disable them, open the Messenger app. Tap on your profile picture icon. Disable the toggle next to Chat Heads.

Can you tell if someone is checking your Messenger?

Can I tell if someone read my message on Facebook Messenger? Yes; the bubble next to the message will display the person’s profile pic once the message has been read.

How do I look up my Facebook account number?

Go to your Facebook profile. Look at the top of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) and to go “View” then “View Source” from the drop-down. A few results will pop up, and all of them should be followed by a long string of numbers, such as “5500958.” That long string of numbers is your account number.

How do I see all my Facebook accounts?

Go to on your mobile browser. Enter one of the following: Email: You can log in with any email that’s listed on your Facebook account. Phone number: If you have a mobile number confirmed on your account, you can enter it here (don’t add any zeros before the country code, or any symbols).

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How can I recover my old Facebook account by name?

Classic mobile browser experience

  1. Tap and enter the profile name.
  2. Tap the name of the profile you’re trying to report.
  3. Tap then tap Find Support or Report Profile.
  4. Tap Something Else, then tap Next.
  5. Tap Recover this account and follow the steps.