Best answer: How do I add an editable document to Facebook?

How do I share an editable document on Facebook?

You can also share a PDF file with the other people in a Facebook Group. To do that, go to the Group page, click the More button, select Add File and choose the PDF document to upload. On the left side of the Group page, you can also click Files and then Upload File to add the PDF document.

How do I add Files to a group on Facebook 2021?

To add a file to a group:

  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook and tap Groups then Your Groups, then select your group. If you don’t see Groups, tap See More.
  2. Below the name of the group, swipe left and then tap Files.
  3. Tap and select a file from your phone.

Can I attach a Google Doc to Facebook?

Share the Google Doc on Facebook. Click the “Link” button above your status update to attach the file to your status update. Enter a description of the file in the “Status” field if you want to further describe the file. Click “Share” to share your Google Doc with your friend network.

Why can’t I add files to my facebook group?

If you don’t see this option available in your group, it could be because the group admins don’t allow this kind of post in your group. If you’re an admin, learn how to manage this feature in your group.

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Can I add a PDF file to my Facebook post?

Facebook does allow its user to attach and upload PDF files to posts, but there’s a catch: The feature isn’t available on your personal profile page. Instead, you can only use it on business pages and groups.

How do I share a Google document on social media?

To share a document out to the public, open Google Drive and navigate to the folder containing that document. Select the document to be shared, and then click the share button in the upper right corner of the window (Figure A).

How do you add a Google Doc to a Facebook group?

Click the “Facebook” icon next to “Share Link Via” to display the “Share This Link” dialog box from Facebook. Choose “In a Group” from the “Share” drop-down. Then enter the name of the group you want. Enter a message introducing the file as needed.