Best answer: Can I delete a like on Facebook?

You can’t really “delete” a like so much as you can unlike something. The easiest way to do this is from the Activity Log — simply find the item (post, photo, comment, or link) you want to unlike and click the pencil icon to the right of it. Click Unlike and it will cease to appear on your Timeline.

How do I remove a like on Facebook?

How do I unlike something on Facebook?

  1. To unlike a post or photo: Go to the post or photo. Tap Like to unlike.
  2. To unlike a comment: Go to the comment. Tap Like to unlike.
  3. To unlike a Page: Go to the Page. Tap Liked. Tap Unlike to unlike.

Can I remove reacts on Facebook?

All you have to do is locate the post or comment that you reacted on, then click on the reaction to remove it. That’s it! As soon as you click on your reaction, the reaction will disappear. This works for both posts as well as comments on the Facebook website.

Can you erase someones like on Facebook?

It’s a blue thumbs-up icon in the upper-right side of the page. Tap Unlike when prompted. Doing so will unlike the page and remove it from your list of likes. You can repeat this process for any other pages you want to unlike.

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How do I turn off Likes and comments on Facebook 2020?

To use this option, access the post for which you want to turn off comments on Facebook. At the top-right corner of the post, click the three dots. In the three-dots menu, click “Turn Off Commenting.” And immediately, Facebook will disable comments on that post.

How do I hide the number of reacts on Facebook?

To hide or unhide the total number of reactions on your Facebook posts:

  1. Log into Facebook from a computer.
  2. Click in the top right of Facebook.
  3. Click Settings & Privacy, then click News Feed Preferences.
  4. Click Reaction Preferences.
  5. Next to On your posts, click the toggle to turn this setting off at any time.

How do you Unreact a story on Facebook?

Tap the “Sent” button (displayed alongside the sent emoji) at the bottom left. All the reactions on a certain story will appear. Tip: You can react multiple times with multiple emojis on a single story. To delete or undo a reaction(s), tap “Undo” on iPhone or “Remove” on Android.

How do I remove a like from someone else 2021 on Facebook?

How do I remove or change my reaction to a post or comment on Facebook? To change your reaction to a post or comment, tap and hold your current reaction (next to Comment and Share), and then select a new one. To remove your reaction to a post or comment, tap your current reaction.

Can you remove someone’s like from your photo?

Yes, after you block someone, their likes and comments will be removed from your photos and videos. Unblocking someone won’t restore their previous likes and comments. Was this helpful? How could it be better?

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How do I stop my comments from appearing on other people’s news feed?

Click the “Edit” button next to each app and then click the audience selector next to the “Posts on your behalf” option. Select who these posts should be visible to or click “Only Me” to prevent them from appearing on anyone’s news feed.

Can you turn off comments on Facebook pictures?

4 Answers. The Facebook privacy settings do not allow you to disable comments on a specific photo or album. You can exclude certain friends from commenting on (all) posts, which includes photos, but it will also keep them from commenting on status updates and other wall posts.