Why can’t I boost my job post on Facebook?

You cannot boost posts from a page that is not published because those posts would be invisible. If you want to boost posts from a page that is not published, you will need to publish the page. Make sure the page is completely filled out and ready to be public before making it public.

Why is my boost unavailable?

Boosting Is Marked As Unavailable

This can happen for multiple reasons: You are trying to promote a past event, which Facebook doesn’t allow. Update your event’s date and try boosting again. Your page role doesn’t allow you to boost posts.

How can I boost my job on Facebook?

How do I boost a job on Facebook?

  1. To boost your job post, go log in to your business page on Facebook.
  2. Click “Promote” at the bottom of the page beneath the “Manage Page” menu.
  3. Click “Boost a Post.”
  4. Select the job post you want to promote.
  5. Set the target audience of the ad.
  6. Choose the ad duration.
  7. Set your budget.

How do I boost a job post?

How to create a boosted post

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Find the post you want to boost.
  3. Tap Boost Post. Note: If you are unable to tap Boost Post or your post says Boost Unavailable, boosting may be unavailable for this post.
  4. Fill in the details for your ad. …
  5. When you’re done, tap Boost.
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How do I fix this page isn’t allowed to advertise?

Solution to Facebook Page Isn’t Allowed to Show Ads

  1. Find Out What Went Wrong. …
  2. Contact Support. …
  3. Always Check Your Support Inbox and Mail. …
  4. Only Open an Ad Account When Your Need One. …
  5. Keep Your Ad Account Active. …
  6. Have an Alternative. …
  7. Breach of Facebook Policy. …
  8. Copyright Violation.

How do I fix boost unavailable on Facebook?

Boost unavailable reasons and solutions

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Click Photo at the top of your Page’s timeline.
  3. Click Upload Photos.
  4. Upload the photo that you’d like to boost.
  5. Add a caption or description.
  6. Click Share Now.
  7. Click the Boost Post button on the new post.

How do you boost boost unavailable on Facebook?

Go to your Facebook Page. Find the post you’d like to boost and hover over Boost Unavailable. You’ll see a tip that explains why you’re unable to boost the post. Read the Boost Unavailable tip.

Why is my boosted post not reaching anyone?

If there are more boosted Page posts running than estimated when you boosted your post, the price will increase and reach will decrease. You will only be charged for the actual reach of your ad. Boosting a post that has been targeted to a specific location or language may also reduce your reach.

How do I find a boosted post on Facebook?

To view the results of your boosted post:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Select near the top of your Page.
  3. Select Manage.
  4. Find your ad and tap on it. You may need to tap See All first.
  5. Scroll to the Results From Your Promotion section and tap View Detailed Results.
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Why am I not allowed to run ads?

There are multiple possible reasons why your business account is no longer allowed to advertise: … Too many of your ads got rejected. Your business attempted to circumvent the ad review process. Your business participated in fraudulent behavior or associated with untrustworthy accounts.

How do I know if I have been restricted on Facebook?

How can I tell if my account was restricted? The easiest way to tell if your Facebook account has been restricted from advertising is to go to a page you are an admin of and try to boost a post. If you can’t boost and your boost button is greyed out, your account has likely been restricted.

Why are Facebook pages restricted?

Why would my Facebook Page get taken down or have limits placed on it? Sometimes, we take down or place limits on Pages if they don’t follow our Community Standards. For example, Pages that publish spam may be unpublished, or the Like button may be disabled on Pages that we determine deceptively get likes.