What is twitter time stamp?

Twitter is introducing a feature called Timestamps that will allow anyone to tweet a live video or replay that starts at the exact moment they want it to.

What is timestamp in Twitter?

So, we built Timestamps which lets anyone Tweet a live or replay video starting from the exact moment they want to discuss. Sharing Timestamps is easy. When you tap to share a live video, you can easily slide back to the exact time you want your audience to watch.

Where is the timestamp on Twitter?

It’s actually incredibly simple – all you have to do is place your mouse pointer over the timestamp on Twitter.com, either in your feed or within the desired tweet, and Twitter will show you the time the tweet was posted via a little pop-up.

Are Twitter timestamps in local time?

Twitter shows the timestamps as a local mean time in general, but that might depend on your time zone settings on twitter. You can find your settings on this link for example.

Can you see what time someone tweets?

Click on the tweet that has been tweeted. Under the main tweet will be the main tweets time and date. Then click on the retweeters comment. Scroll down to find time and date.

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How do I change my timestamp on Twitter?

It is not possible to change the date of a Tweet.

What timezone is Twitter in India?

India Standard Time (IST) is 5:30 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This time zone is in use during standard time in: Asia.

Why is the time on Twitter wrong?

Did you get an alert or notice that your device’s time zone is set incorrectly? The device that you use for Twitter has its own date and time settings. Go to your device’s Settings. … Tap Date & Time.

How do you schedule a tweet?

Twitter says you can now schedule tweets right from the main web app. When composing a tweet, you should see a little calendar icon on the bottom row of icons at the bottom of the compose window. Click that and you can specify when you want your tweet to be sent.

How can you tell the last time someone was on Twitter?

You can view a lot more information about how people have reacted to your updates, including the number of times they’ve been seen and the number of times people have interacted with them. Just open your tweets and hit the View Tweet Activity button.

How do you know if someone liked your tweet?

Yes. Click on a Tweet that has likes. Click the number of likes and it will popup a list of those who have liked it. You can then go to their profiles or follow them from that list.