Where did the YouTube comments move to?

The YouTube comments, as per the new update, have now been shifted to just below the section where a person can subscribe for the channel. One comment will be shown in this bar along with two arrows pointing upwards and downwards in the right side corner.

Where did the comments go on YouTube 2021?

In YouTube test, the comments section has been removed from the bottom of the page entirely. Instead, it is relocated to a new section that users can only view after clicking the new Comments button, which can be found between the Thumbs Down and Share buttons, right below the video.

Where did the comments go on YouTube?

The comments section was directly under the video player – typically the comment section sits below the recommended videos, which requires a fair amount of scrolling (see below). Typically comments are below recommended videos.

Where is the new YouTube comment section?

In order to find a comment section in your youtube app you need to scroll down to the end of your video you are watching where you will see a comment section. Scroll down to the Comments section. It’s below the description of the video.

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Why did YouTube move the comments section?

The company shared on their support page writing, “We want to make it easier for people watching videos to find comments in the YouTube app without having to scroll through ‘Up Next’ videos, so we’re testing out a new comment section that appears directly below the video.

Why are all the comments disabled on YouTube 2021?

YouTube has implemented this system in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). … YouTube comments are automatically made unavailable when a video is private, or the channel or video’s audience has been made for kids.

Why did my YouTube comment disappear?

Why does my comment keep disappearing after few seconds on YouTube channels? Comments on youtube does not disappear itself. The reason you could not find your comment is because: Either the channel creator would have deleted your comment or someone would have reported your comment if they found that offensive.

Did YouTube get rid of the comment section?

In the test, the comments have been removed from this bottom section of the page entirely. Instead, they’ve been relocated to a new section that users can only view after clicking a button. The new Comments button is found between the Thumbs Down and Share buttons, right below the video.

Why can’t YouTube find the comment section?

If your browser doesn’t show any YouTube comments, your cache and cookies will most likely break YouTube’s scripts. Clear your cache, disable your extensions, and update your browser. Refresh YouTube and check the results. If the glitch won’t go away, reinstall your browser or switch to a different web browser.

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Where did the YouTube comments go September 2021?

In most cases, YouTube comments will disappear due to browser cache issues. Other times, comments may not show up after a platform update. Either way, your best bet to fix the problem is to clear your browser’s cache.

What happened to the comment section?

Closing of comments sections

NPR closed its comment section in 2016. One of the stated reasons for this was that “commenters were behaving inappropriately and harassing other commenters”. IMDb closed its comment section (the discussion boards, not the user reviews section) in 2017.