How do you send a message on Facebook marketplace?

Why can’t I send a message to someone on Facebook Marketplace?

You may have sent too many messages on Marketplace. … You may be messaging someone in a country with restricted access to Marketplace. Your access to Marketplace may have been removed.

How do you send a private message on Facebook Marketplace?

In order to interact, buyers can message sellers using the “Make Offer” or “Message Seller” buttons available on every product profile. This is where the buyer and seller can have a conversation within Marketplace. They can also use the Messenger app.

How do I message a buyer on the Marketplace?

First, click on the Messenger icon in the top right hand corner of your Facebook, or open up the Messenger app.

  1. Click on “Messenger” to access conversations you are having in Marketplace. …
  2. In Messenger, click on the “Marketplace” tab. …
  3. Select the conversation from the “Marketplace” tab in Messenger.

How do I contact a seller on the Marketplace?

To contact a Marketplace seller, click the seller’s name on the item’s page. This will take you to the seller’s profile page, where you can find their contact info.

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How do I reply to a message on Facebook Marketplace?

How do I reply to my reviews on Facebook Marketplace?

  1. From Notifications, tap You have a new review on your Commerce profile next to the photo of your listing.
  2. Tap Write a reply… in the text box below the buyer’s review.
  3. Enter your reply to the buyer, then tap to post it.

Why is the Marketplace message not on Messenger?

If you don’t see the marketplace messages, it means that the Facebook marketplace is not available in your region. It is your WiFi or Internet connection. You may have accidentally archived or ignored a person’s chat on FB Messenger. That is perhaps the reason why you do not see a message from a person.

Are Facebook Marketplace messages private?

Are Facebook marketplace messages public? – Quora. Facebook Marketplace uses Messenger as the communication platform. So, the messages are between the “principals” who are part of the conversation. Having said that, the Messages do appear in the Inbox of the Facebook Page where you are sending the messages.

What is Facebook Marketplace assistant Messenger?

When buyers and sellers start communicating via Messenger, an automated assistant powered by AI called M makes suggestions to help people communicate and get things done. For example, M will suggest replies like “Yes,” “No,” or “I think so” when someone asks if an item on Marketplace is still available.

How do you send a private message on Facebook without Messenger?

How to send messages on Facebook without Messenger

  1. Navigate to on your mobile browser.
  2. Tap the bell icon to open your Notifications.
  3. On Safari tap the square w/ arrow icon, on Chrome tap the 3 dots and select “Request Desktop Site.”
  4. Tap the messages icon to send a message to anyone on your friends list.
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How do I get to Marketplace messages?

To see your messages with a buyer or seller on Marketplace:

  1. From your News Feed, tap . If you don’t see , tap , then tap. Marketplace.
  2. Tap .
  3. Tap Inbox.
  4. Tap Selling to see messages with buyers about items that you’re selling. Or, tap Buying to see messages with sellers about items you want to buy.

Can I get scammed on Facebook Marketplace?

By relying on a victim’s craving for the cheapest deal, a scammer can fool someone into a false sense of security. Here are some of the most common Facebook marketplace scams you might come across. Bootleg items/broken items. A seller will offer branded items or the latest tech at bargain prices.

How can I contact Facebook?

Different Ways to Contact Facebook Support

  1. – This is the most general, basic support email. …
  2. – You can use this email to contact Facebook to try to recover disabled or hacked accounts, if you need to reset your password, or if you’re having problems accessing a page.

How do I turn on contact seller on Facebook?

How do I turn the Facebook buy and sell group feature on or off?

  1. In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture.
  2. Scroll down and select your group.
  3. Tap More.
  4. Tap View group info, then tap Edit group settings.
  5. Tap the group type and then select Buy and sell.

How do I market message for Price on Facebook Marketplace?

You can’t. Using Facebook platforms like Marketplace and Messenger and Ads come with certain limitations on UI. As a Facebook Developer, you could file an appeal for an exception but it will not be granted.

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