Can you post YouTube videos on Facebook?

Should I post YouTube videos on Facebook?

The short answer is you should upload it to both. YouTube is the biggest video sharing network in the world and your YouTube Channel is a great place for people to find your content. … The problem with sharing your YouTube video to Facebook is that Facebook doesn’t play nice.

Is it OK to promote YouTube videos on Facebook?

If you want to get more viewers and subscribers, you can just share your YouTube videos on Facebook. Every time you make a new YouTube video, you can just cross-promote it to Facebook so more people will see it. And if someone is following you on Facebook, they’re likely to enjoy your YouTube videos as well.

Why can’t I share YouTube videos to Facebook?

You can only share to Facebook if you have the Facebook app on your phone. If you don’t, copy and paste the video’s URL and place it in a Facebook post manually.

Who pays better YouTube or Facebook?

One publisher estimated that it generated $264 for every million video views on Facebook, versus $2,200 for every million video views on YouTube. … When it comes to driving both views and revenue for video, YouTube is still king.

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How do I link my YouTube channel to Facebook 2021?

How to link a YouTube channel with a Facebook page?

  1. Open the Facebook page.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘About’ section.
  3. Click on ‘Edit Page Info’
  4. Click on the ‘More’ tab.
  5. Scroll down to the ‘Other Accounts’ section.
  6. Click on the ‘+’ sign.
  7. Add your YouTube channel name and select ‘YouTube’.

How can I increase my YouTube subscribers on Facebook?

Step 1: Through FB Ads manager select ‘Website visits’ / ‘Traffic’. Step 2: Target the right audience that suits your brand and select the device as mobile. ‘Link clicks’ will be optimization for ad delivery. Facebook will show your ad to someone who tends to click on it.

How do I post a YouTube video on Facebook without linking it?

Originally Answered: How can I post the ACTUAL YouTube video, NOT a link, to Facebook? To do that, you just embed the video. Hit the share button, then go to embed, and some html will pop up. You just copy that html, and paste it into your post.

How do I share a YouTube video automatically on Facebook?

Click “Share” to embed the video player on your wall. Visitors to your Facebook page can play the video from its embedded location or switch to fullscreen mode using the playback controls. Click the page link inside the text box under Share This Video to select the link, then press “Ctrl-C” to copy the text.