Best answer: Can you get subtitles on YouTube?

You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of a YouTube video. A red line will appear under the icon when closed captions have been enabled. 2. You can also adjust caption settings by clicking the gear icon.

How do I find subtitles on YouTube?

YouTube – Search Closed Captions on YouTube

  1. Click the “Three Dot Menu” underneath the YouTube video.
  2. In the menu that opens up, click “Open Transcript”.
  3. The transcript will appear to the right of the video.
  4. Windows – Press “Ctrl + F” to open up the “Find Bar”. …
  5. Type in the text you are looking for in the “Find Bar”.

Can YouTube automatically add subtitles?

YouTube automatically generates captions for most videos when they’re uploaded using speech recognition technology. These machine-generated captions are rarely if ever fully accurate.

How do I turn subtitles on?

On Android TV:

Press the Menu button on your remote. Press UP to highlight the “Settings” item. Press OK to activate the menu. Navigate to Subtitles and select the language you want.

How do I get subtitles on a video?

The easiest way is to visit a subtitle website, search for your TV show or movie and download the SRT file. The two most popular sites for getting subtitles are Subscene and On OpenSubtitles, perform a search and then you’ll see all the available subtitles for different languages at the bottom.

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How do I get subtitles to automatically play on videos?

How to Auto Subtitle Videos:

  1. Upload Video. Upload the video you wish to caption on VEED – drag and drop, it’s super easy.
  2. Auto Subtitle. Click ‘Subtitles’ then choose ‘Auto Transcribe’ from the list. The software will then start transcribing. …
  3. Download. Change your subtitle text style, size, fonts, and click ‘Export’.

Why doesn’t my YouTube video have CC?

Click Settings . From the left-hand menu, click Playback and performance. Check or uncheck Always show captions. Check or uncheck Include auto-generated captions (when available).

Why subtitles are not working in YouTube?

YouTube Platform Bugs or App Glitches

Or perhaps there are temporary issues that are causing the subtitles to appear out-of-sync. This is a common cause why subtitles aren’t working when watching YouTube videos through the app. … Restart the YouTube app (Step 1) Reload the YouTube video web page (Step 1)